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Dear Prospective Client:


Welcome to the Law Office of Nicoll & Nicoll, PLLC.  We know that for many persons, the need of a lawyer’s assistance may occur only once or twice during their lifetime, and therefore, the decision to hire a lawyer may be a stressful event.  In order to reduce some of that anxiety, we have prepared this page which addresses some of the most common questions and concerns of potential clients.


1.  How much is the initial appointment?


For most types of legal matters, the initial appointment is free of charge.  When you schedule an initial appointment, we will inform you if there is fee.   This initial appointment is your opportunity to explain to us your legal matter and what you hope to accomplish by retaining our services.  It is also your opportunity to meet us.  Hiring an attorney is very much like hiring any other professional, and although all attorneys share common characteristics (such as graduating from law school and passing the Tennessee Bar examination), they can be as different as night and day in their personalities and expertise.  You need to find an attorney that fits you and your particular situation.


2.  How do I retain your services?


If you would like to retain our firm after the initial consultation, we will prepare a written fee agreement that defines the scope of our representation and details the fees and expenses for which you will be responsible to pay.  In most cases, we will also ask that you provide a retainer.  A retainer is a specified amount of money paid by you at the start of our representation.  Only after you have signed the fee agreement and paid the retainer have you hired us as your attorney, and our obligation to represent you does not begin until after both these events have occurred.  In most situations, the signing of the fee agreement and the payment of the retainer is accomplished a day or two after the initial appointment; however, it may be done as soon as the conclusion of the initial appointment.


3.  If I decide to hire this firm, how much should I expect to pay?


Because every legal matter is different and unique, we need to determine the scope of our representation and the complexness of the issues before we can determine the appropriate fee arrangement.  There are three different fee arrangements we use: (a) hourly fees, (b) flat fees, or (c) contingency fees.  With hourly fees, you pay us based on the number of hours worked by this firm.  Although there is no cap on hourly fees, we can give you an estimate of our potential fees based on previous experience with similar cases.  We normally  use hourly fee arrangements for divorce and child custody cases.   With flat fees, you pay a stated amount regardless of the amount of hours worked by this firm.  We normally use this type of fee agreement for our representation in criminal cases. Finally, with contingent fees, you pay a percentage of the final damages award or settlement amount.  Because contingency fees are based on the damages award or settlement amount, they are only used in cases such as personal injury or workmen’s compensation.


4.  Do you accept credit cards for payment of legal fees?


We do accept payment of legal fees by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.




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